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About us

Avionly Suisse GmbH is an engineering consultancy based in the canton of Lucerne, Switzerland. Founded in 2022, by senior aerospace engineers with more than 20 years of experience, Avionly offers systems engineering and engineering services to a broad network of valued customers. Our engineers are quality minded and highly trained in systems engineering, advanced air mobility, conceptual design, airframe design, composite design, stress & fatigue analysis, and tooling. Avionly also undertakes work packages on behalf of clients.
Systems Thinking – Applied from the beginning to the end, at every level on every discipline
Sustainability – Supporting clean energy programs
Prototype Development – Prototypes as technology accelerator
Designing for the product life cycle, solutions optimized for service and operation
Specialist permanent and lease staff
Work packages lead, development and execution
Onsite working/ Home office/ Virtual office/ Locally based office
Training (Software, Methods, etc.) and Consulting
Business Development for customer Engineering Services

Systems Engineering

Systems engineering is crucial in order to meet requirements and succeed in missions and projects and is therefore one of Avionly's core competencies.

Systems Thinking

Our goal is to help the customer to properly understand the problem at hand and prepare several solutions to the problem for the customer to select from.

Systems thinking, as one of our main pillars, is applied from the beginning to the end, at every level on every discipline.

Avionly engineers are using systems thinking on their daily work, to provide a balance to all subsystems to combine them into a system that accomplishes customer requirements.

Avionly Competencies

Avionly offers systems engineering services by trained and certified professionals that bring several unique skills and traits that accompany systems thinking:
Hands-on approach to problem solving and critical thinking
Taking a goal-centered approach by looking at the output to define the needed input
Broad technical competence in all different subsystems
Appropriate amount of paranoia: Expecting the best in every situation but planning for the worstcase scenario as risk mitigation
Ability to address global objectives on subsystem level
Highly performing but also highly trusted leadership personality


With many years of hands-on experience in the commercial aerospace and Urban Air Mobility (UAM) industry, Avionly can offer in-house design and analysis solutions. The companies’ goal is to meet our clients’ expectations first time, on time and every time in a cost-efficient manner.

Avionly can provide structural design and stress analysis including composite and metallic materials
from concept, through detailed design to the finished, certified product using state-of-the-art design and analysis tools:
CAD + PLM Systems:
CATIA V5-6 (Dassault Systems)
Siemens NX + TeamCenter (Siemens PLM Software)
Stress Analysis Tools and Solver:
Altair Suite


Avionly can offer full package design solutions, where each solution is tailored to the customer needs, maintaining a clear focus on saving weight and cost while keeping the maximum level of safety.
Full Package Design Solutions
Digital Mock-Ups (DMU)
Assembly Driven Design Methodologies
Feasibility and Integration Studies
Interface Control


The company can offer a variety of stress analysis including but not limited to:
Finite Element Model generation
Static and dynamic analysis
Modal frequency & Rotordynamics
Low- and high-cycle fatigue assessments
Classical hand calculations
Global Finite Element Model (GFEM) generation
Topology optimization
Stress report authoring and checking


With the introduction of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) and Urban Air Mobility (UAM) over the last decade, the aviation industry is currently undergoing fundamental changes. The way we travel will profoundly change in the coming years, enabled by lightweight structures and electric propulsion using high-density battery technologies. Avionly is specialized in providing key personnel to UAM market leaders and strongly supports the push for a greener, healthier and sustainable future.
Photo credit: Lilium GmbH

Work Packages

Avionly can offer a broad variety of work package solutions, individually tailored to the
customer needs.
Systems Engineering
Structures – Primary and secondary structure, metallic and composite
Analysis – Static, dynamic, rotordynamics, pre- and post processing, conceptual trades
Business Development – Program management, supplier management, procurement
Training – CAD, PLM, FEM, Systems Engineering